We have seven classes at The Priory School.




The Reception class is sometimes known as “The Foundation Stage” and is taught by Mrs Ewins and Mrs Austin. 

The children have “free flow” access to an outdoor play area which has a large covered outdoor wooden classroom with seating and two driving wheels, a sandpit, a playhouse and a writing shed. During the last academic year an extension to the outside play area which includes a mud kitchen, chalkboard and a story telling area was created.  Children are able to play with a variety of equipment including hoops, stilts and tricycles. A very popular “honorary” member of the class is Rex the dog who goes home with a different child each weekend. When he returns to school, everyone enjoys listening to his exciting adventures!


The children in the Reception class very quickly settle into the routines of the school. 

Although they have their own play area, they join the rest of the school for playtime and lunchtime. They take a full part in whole school activities such as Assembly, theatre workshops, concerts etc.


Year 1


Year 1 is taught by Mrs Heathcote and Mrs Britt, who are supported by Teaching Assistant Mrs Mullock.   The year 1 classroom is bright and airy and the children have access to an outside play area. The children in Year 1 are making the important transition from the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Key Stage 1 and are becoming increasingly independent in all aspects of their learning.   Since the government introduced the statutory assessment of phonics at the end of year 1 the preparation for this assessment has become a significant part of the year 1 curriculum.  The children are well prepared using a range of colourful and enjoyable activities; although it is a formal test we ensure that the children are relaxed and happy believing the test is just another classroom game.  


Year 2 

Year 2 is taught by Mrs Hindmarsh. The teaching assistants are Mrs Hunt, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Hughes.  Year 2 topics include 'local history' about The Vyne National Trust property, The Great Fire of London and Antarctica including the expedition of Ernest Shackleton.  A particularly exciting feature of the Year 2 curriculum is swimming, which is enjoyed at the local pool.


Year 3


Year 3 is taught by Mrs Sowden and Mrs Marzetti. Their classroom assistant is Mrs Brown. Children in Year 3 are making the transition from Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2) into Key Stage Two (Years 3 to 6). Year 3 is situated in a lovely position overlooking the far reaching back field. Year 3 take part in a variety of interesting topics such as Stone Age Man, Romans, Egyptians, Pointillism and Dodgeball. 


Year 4


Year 4 is taught by Mr Cripps.  His teaching assistant is Mrs Rand. Over the year, the class learn about Anglo Saxons,  the world and its environment focusing on natural disasters and rainforests; the children particularly look forward to visiting Ufton Court, a local Tudor house.



Year 5


Year 5 is taught by Mrs Coe with Mr Webb offering support as their classroom assistant. During the course of the year, the children study the Earth, Sun and Planets in science. They visit Winchester Science Museum during National Space Week where they enjoy a range of exciting activities, including a planetarium show. In this particular year, the class experience Bikeability (the modern term for cycling proficiency) and swimming lessons at a local pool. The children have new opportunities to grow and mature. For example, they become buddies to pupils in reception.  


Year 6


Year 6 is taught by Ms Foster.  Mr Webb is part time classroom assistant in this class. Children in Year 6 assume key positions of responsibility such as prefects, sports captains and house captains. A highlight of this year is the residential visit to Osmington Bay, a PGL Holiday activity centre. There, the children take part in adventurous activities including abseiling and the night hike which as well as being highly enjoyable help to build confidence, self-esteem and independence in preparation for secondary transfer. The Year 6 classroom is situated in the oldest part of the school.