Most children join The Priory in the year of their fifth birthday.  This is a very exciting time for children (and adults, also!)


The children are given the opportunity to come into school for a morning at the end of the Summer Term before they start in September. During this morning, they are able to sample a range of activities and they begin to get to know their fellow class members. On this morning, the PTA host a coffee morning at a local village hall – all parents are warmly welcome to attend and as well as being an opportunity to find out more about the school, it is also a great time to meet other parents within the year group.


Parents are invited to attend a new parents’ information meeting where the routines of school are explained and parents are able to ask questions. Mrs Ewins and Mrs Austin, the Reception class teachers, also arrange individual appointments with parents at the beginning of September so that any issues can be discussed on an individual basis.

Once the children have started school, Mrs Ewins and Mrs Ausin will be on the playground every afternoon and you can catch them with any important bits of information.  In addition, Mrs Ewins and Mrs Austin write a weekly information newsletter and there is daily written communication through the home school diary as well as the use of Tapestry to keep parents up to date with daily achievements and activities.


In early September every year there is a welcome evening for all of the new Year R parents when Mrs Ewins and Mrs Austin set out their learning objectives and routines for the coming year.  It is another good opportunity for parents to ask questions of the school staff and to meet with other parents in the year group.

When children join The Priory in higher year groups, every effort is made to ensure that they settle in as quickly as possible. Initially, they are paired with a friend who is able to show  them “the ropes” and our experience is that very soon, children feel at home as  part of The Priory school community.

The Priory aims to include all pupils at all times and even our youngest children are included in whole school events.  We pride ourselves in having excellent relationships with children and our parents and we operate an open door policy,  encouraging parents to talk to the class teacher in the first instance with any queries or concerns. 


Admission Policy March 2020 2021

Admission Policy March 2021 2022